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Episode 105: Knights of the Brown Table

  • Time Travel
  • What Would Jenny Huan Do?
  • Shazam Listening Party
  • Foot sweat marinade
  • Budyssey
  • Yellow helmet
  • Foxtrot PSA
  • GMN 2020 Q&A
  • Fortune teller
  • Burger King is selling a ‘Ghost Whopper’ for Halloween
  • Scientists Are Literally Spinning Up Lab-Grown Meat
  • Drugstores Are in the Sweet Spot for Drone Deliveries
  • Inventor charging farmers $50k to ‘make it rain’
  • The most dangerous celebrity online is revealed
  • Clusters of illness linked to CBD vapes share 2nd connection
  • What I Had For Lunch

Deepfake Sponsors

  • Jenkem Podz
  • Julio Tejas
  • Deez Nutz
  • Urite Condoms
  • Buh Lee-Dat

Episode 104: Spit Hot Fire


  • What Would Jenny Huan Do?
  • Shazam Listening Party
  • Taking Dumps At Work
  • Scratch Resistant Plastic
  • Diet and Exercise: Health Drinks
  • Foxtrot PSA: Be good to Mutha Urf and be better to yo mama. Use your imagination when you jack off to save battery life and keep your memory strong. I’m not sponsored by Chester’s Flamin Hot Fries but I should be.
  • GMN 2020
    Questions from the press for a gentleman/scholar/politician:
    What is your favorite horror movie?
    Which Halloween costume wins Best Costume?
    Have you tried any good Fall seasonal beers?
    What is your stance on the iPhone 11 Pro?
    Will Foxtrot be your running mate?
    Is boneless Korean Fried Chicken on a date acceptable?




  • Sogi Crispee Flakes cereal
  • Deez Nutz
  • Urite condoms
  • Buh Lee-Dat oyster sauce

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Episode 103: The Remix

  • What Would Jenny Huan Do?
  • Short Attention Span
    • Track Reaction
    • Sonic’s deep fried Oreos
    • Rent-A-Tire 120 days same as cash
    • GMN 2020
  • (This Is) The News
    • NBA in China
    • Microplastics
    • Dog poop flags
    • Squirrels hide more than 200 walnuts under hood
    • Dog shoots woman
    • Woman caught twerking on moving Mustang charged with disorderly conduct
  • What I Had For Lunch
  • Deepfake Sponsors
    • Sogi Crispee Flakes
    • Deez Nutz
    • Jankem
    • Buh Lee-Dat
    • Russian Blue Pound Town

Episode 102: Coprorate Sponsorship

Join your heros as they navigate through corporate culture complete with sponsors, rules, and technical difficulties. Find the best long pig recipies, updates on Alabastard’s music career, and of course GMN 2020. Foxtrot A’s all your Q’s and delivers you some hard hitting facts and news while some dude whose name isn’t in the title makes these gentlemen-scholars play his little games.

Episode 101: Brown Ranger and Yellow Ranger

GMN, Foxtrot and Arthur reunite after years of indefinite hiatus in a new studio to reboot as Brown Ranger, Yellow Ranger and “his name isn’t in the title”.

Episode 53: Riot Punch

01 – Riot Punch
02 – Yaoi
03 – Sake Fighter II
04 – Class Act, Quarter Turn Whore
05 – Austin Wall of Flame
06 – Fire In The Hole
07 – Short Skirts and Bouncing Tic Tacs
08 – Ice Cream Truck Robbery
09 – Butt Pennies
10 – Mismatched Socks
11 – Karaoke + Free Vodka = Belligerent Buck Ten
12 – Hairy Crack
13 – The Perfect Girl
14 – Cumlette
15 – Leave So We Can Still Be Friends
16 – Gemini Farts In The Mic During This Clip
17 – Outro

The Aight Collection is a medley of choice audio clips from Slam City Amateur Hour with Gemini and Foxtrot. Volume 3: Riot Punch is a funny compilation of hand-picked gems from Episodes 15 through 25 of the Slam City Amateur Hour podcast. Produced by Arthur Dood of Slam City Radio.

Episode 34

Download Episode 34

The Aight Collection
Volume 2: Wet Noodle Soup

  • Chicken Brain
  • Long Week Short Days
  • Brass Monkeys
  • Sake Fighter II
  • Buhleedat In Stereo
  • Window That Rolls Down
  • Deadbolt Cover
  • BYOB Mini Golf
  • Fry Deep, Fry Long, Fry Hard
  • Deep Fryday Debut
  • Salute Your Shorts
  • Ostrich Egg Challenge
  • Call Me Now
  • Counterfeit Bills + Breastfeeding Six-Year-Old
  • Quails On Coke + Sexting
  • Condoms
  • Sexual Harassment Training
  • Six Dollar Dignity
  • 3D Adult Movies
  • Cold Scrambled Egg Sandwich
  • Ostrich Egg Hunt
  • I Am Batman
  • Plug In And Hate (Episode 11)
  • Plug In And Hate (Episode 13)
  • And Hate
  • Ostrich Egg Dragon Punch Chocobo Joust
  • Tentacle Pr0n
  • Dirty Cankle
  • Turn Off The Lights And Pee Over The Stall
  • Ben Kweller
  • Replaced With A Fart
  • Homemade Cheese
  • Watermelon Sherbet
  • The Human Centipede
  • Did You Masturbate This Week
  • Eat A D!ck
  • The Miguelito Moment
  • Moist
  • 360 Windmill Dunk (In Your Face)
  • Chicago JDM Girl
  • A-B-C-D-E For GMN

The Aight Collection is a medley of choice audio clips from Slam City Amateur Hour with GMN and Foxtrot. Volume 2: Wet Noodle Soup showcases clips from the Episodes 10 through 14 of Slam City Amateur Hour. Produced by Arthur Dood of Slam City Radio.

Episode 30

Download Episode 30

The Aight Collection
Volume 1: Overheard

  • Thanks Michelle
  • True Love
  • Hungry
  • I Like You! Staples
  • GMNews
  • KO Commercial
  • Wind Storm
  • Foxtrot Fanmail
  • Foxtrot Fashion
  • Beer Endorsement 1
  • Pull Out
  • Punishment
  • Go Fish
  • Push Button Technique
  • Cardio Counts
  • Wynona Shoplifted My Heart
  • Mountain Dont
  • Making Out
  • Beach To Bay
  • My Voice Is Wet
  • Fishing and Steel Reserve
  • Beer Endorsement 2
  • Rent Stuff For Free
  • Bumper Cars
  • Killer Tofu
  • Baby Back Bitch
  • Foxtrot Is An Ass h0le
  • Ding Ding Ding
  • Wet Noodle Soup
  • Strip Club Chinese Buffet
  • Foxtrot Gets A Phone Number
  • Beer Endorsement 3
  • Peanuts in Poop
  • Silent But Deadly
  • Kumite
  • Tha Crossroads
  • Miguelito Burrito Debut
  • Table Showers
  • Stink of Downtown Desperation
  • Relationship Repair
  • Previously Unreleased Migs
  • Talk To My Balls Two Times
  • Love You All

The Aight Collection is a medley of choice audio clips from Slam City Amateur Hour with GMN and Foxtrot. Volume 1: Overheard showcases clips from the first nine episodes of Slam City Amateur Hour and includes two previously unreleased clips. Produced by Arthur Dood of Slam City Radio.