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Episode 134: Proxy One Twenty Remix, Time Travel Back Three Months

Our recent recording meant to be Episode 134: Salted Plumz was lost in the Quantimino™. To keep the content flowing, the Intergalactic Boba Runners travel back in time three short months ago when the Dudes in a Booth were still taping shows in the Booth, not wearing masks, not social distancing, and watching the world stockpile toilet paper. Those ideas were still in their infancy, but Rona had already started her invasion across the planet. . Special Guests: Burrito Candy . How Was Your Week? . Foxbox VPN and Spit Plus . 2700 Seconds Listening Party . Gemini Clicks Anything . Feral Hogs Find and Destroy Cocaine Worth $22,000 Hidden in Woods . White Van Scam starring Booba Gettz – Bossman Gonna Kill Me, First Idea Session . Julio Tejas . Public Service Announcement to Junior Pandas: Spank Bank Preservation . Booba Gettz The Crazy One . This Is The Newz . Children’s book gets Guinness record with 1,250 alternative endings . Fairy Tail Reveals Incredibly Expensive Life-Sized Erza Statue . Reported loose lion was unusually groomed dog in Spain . Gemini’s ocean repellent attracts sharks so he has to punch them in the nose . 3,549 people don Smurf costumes to break Guinness record . Blue Man Group franchise . We finally know how millipedes have sex, thanks to glowing genitals . Son accused of shoving 78-year-old father off cliff . An Australian thief used a fishing rod to steal a Versace necklace . Police jail woman who paid bail with marijuana-scented cash . Rockstar Energy Drink Founder Cashes Out For Nearly $4 Billion . Monster energy drink says Byron company stole their logo . Why people are panic buying and stockpiling toilet paper to cope with coronavirus fears . South Florida’s Fetish Community Falls Head Over Heels for Feet . Gundams, Ouroboros Man, Booba Gettz . Homeless man arrested for attempting to spank man because “you need to respect your elders” . Claw machine toys replaced with toilet paper rolls amid coronavirus fears . Wisconsin wardens rescue skunk with head stuck in soup can . Family accidentally orders $2,153 worth of toilet paper . Man Who Filmed Himself Licking Ice Cream Tub Gets Jail Time . New chlamydia species discovered deep under the Arctic Ocean . Lot Lizards . What I Had For Lunch with Burrito Bandito and Candy Cane . Skins and Bones Campaign: Questions from the Press for Future President Gemini Jackson . Three Things That Foxtrot Learned

Episode 133: Quantum Entanglement

13 MySpace Questions with Scottye Moore of BS Network . What I Had For Lunch . Burrito’s Beer Breakdown: Baron’s Taint pecan praline nut brown ale . This Is The Newz . Porn star Nacho arrested after man dies during toad venom ritual . A man put a cellphone charger up his pee hole . Amazon worker loses engagement ring while packing boxes . Wallet lost at Walmart returned with more than $5,000 still inside . Doctors had to remove a dead fish from the rectum of a patient . Newton’s recipe for ‘toad vomit lozenges’ up for auction . Physicists entangle 15 trillion hot atoms . Man casually walks into hospital with crossbow arrow lodged in his chest . ‘Cops’ Canceled By Paramount Network . San Jose police fire rubber bullets at own bias trainer, rupture his testicle . Gin Bottles Containing Hand Sanitizer Sold to Public In Coronavirus Mix-Up . Woman Celebrates 50 Years Working at Whataburger . Little Caesars Bakes New Stuffed Crazy Bread . Mississippi Man Saves Total Stranger’s Custom Mazda RX-7 From Rising Floodwaters . Former NASA Astronaut Becomes The First Woman To Dive To Deepest Point On Earth . Right-wing fans mocked for boycotting Rage Against the Machine after realising band’s political stance . Teen fell into coma after having bubble tea twice a day for a month . ‘Darth Vader’ enforces lockdown in Philippine village . Judd Apatow Has An “Amazing” ‘Pineapple Express’ Sequel In Mind That “Deserves To Happen” . Man steals patrol unit, leads police on chase . Ancient footprints in South Korea made by crocodiles that walked on two legs . 2700 Seconds of Arthur’s Listening Party . White Van Scam – Season 1, Episode 13 . Connie’s Cocktales is an intergalactic speakeasy and pocket portal. . Baja Fingerblast is a kancho VR game. . Saved By The Bell, Captain Planet, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song sing-along . Slam City theme song? . Bonus pre-show audio . Deepfake Sponsors: Foxbox VPN, Julio Tejas, Booba Gettz The Crazy One, Spit Plus, Urite FlyLite

Episode 132: It Already Done Been Happened Again

Bonus pre-show . Cory the Feet is Feet Guy AKA “Big Toe” and Randall “Pinky Toe” Jefferson . Feet is Feet Symposium/Foot Festival/The Heeling/Heelium/Burning Feet sponsored by Tinactin and British Knights . How Was Your Week? . Burrito’s Beer Breakdown: Slam City Brewery’s Nocturnal Emissions Nitro Milk Stout . The Refreshments song “Banditos” . Lit songs “Over My Head” and “My Own Worst Enemy” . What I Had For Lunch . Baja Fingerblast . If you could work at one fast food restaurant for a day and make whatever you wanted . This Is The Newz . Man who allegedly broke into bank says he did it for a ‘Hot Pocket’ . SpaceX’s Starship underwent a Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly . South Carolina school apologizes for ‘inappropriate’ assignment on slavery . Podcasts have grown 129,000% (yes, percent) in the last decade . SARS-CoV-2 looks like a hybrid of viruses from two different species . 32 guns stolen from Slam City shooting range, $5K reward offered . Guinness World Record awarded for highest library book fine paid . Butcher in upstate New York installs 24-hour meat vending machine . Florida Police Use Krispy Kreme To Lure Black Bear Off City Streets . Penelope Pitstop . ‘Hitler’s Alligator’ Dies In Moscow Zoo At The Age Of 84 . Men hired for sexual fantasy break into wrong house . Google is being sued for tracking users in Incognito Mode . Luby’s, Inc. announced it will pursue sale of assets, business . 2700 Seconds of Arthur’s Listening Party . White Van Scam – Season 1, Episode 12 . Megan Cinnamon works with Krystal Pepsee . Deepfake sponsors: Foxbox VPN, Julio Tejas, Booba Gettz The Crazy One, Spit Plus, Urite FlyLite

Episode 131: Espresso Snowflakes

How Was Your Week? . The Matrix eats Yelo Panda during Foxbox VPN sponsor read . Burrito’s Beer Breakdown: Martin House Blackberry Cobbler . Tip to Taint grading scale debate, middle of the shaft . Quantimino™: It’s already been happened again. . What I Had For Lunch . Fried Rice in Lethal Weapon 4 . Skins and Bones Campaign 2020: Questions from the press for Future President Jackson, Future Vice President Yelo Panda, and Future Secretary of State Burrito . 65-year-old man dies from injuries from having sex with his 81-year-old male relative . Has NASA Found A Parallel Universe ‘Where Time Flows Backwards?’ . America’s Last Blockbuster Gets A Boost From Film Buffs Staying At Home . Official Citra for Android releases as the first mobile Nintendo 3DS emulator . The US successfully tested a laser weapon that can destroy aircraft mid-flight . Researchers squeeze 44.2 Tbps through existing fiber optic cables . Robot dog herds sheep in New Zealand . Over 40 foreign university students duped into skinning chickens . Disney+ Blurs Out Cleavage in ‘Wizards of Waverly Place,’ Causing Fan Outrage . This Gently Breathing Robot Cuddles You to Sleep . Judge Who Advised Woman to ‘Close Your Legs’ to Avoid Sexual Assault Permanently Removed From the Bench . Woman hid her grandmother’s body in a freezer for 15 years to steal her Social Security checks . Pulling apart a £339 anti-5G USB stick . Anker Launches $100 24K Gold-Plated USB-C to Lightning Cable . Turtle crashes through windshield on Georgia highway . Bottle of cognac from 1762 sells for $146,000 . Canadian man receives package ordered 8 years earlier . 2700 Seconds of Arthur’s Listening Party . White Van Scam – Season 1, Episode 11: Time Loop . 3 Things That Four Dudes Learned This Week . Daddy Juice Energy slogan ideas . Nocturnal Emission Nitro Milk Stout . Deepfake Sponsors: Foxbox VPN, Julio Tejas, Booba Gettz The Crazy One, Urite FlyLite . Pre-show Bonus: Lil Uzi Vert That Way, Kids React to the JNCOs, The Interrupters

Episode 130: Thiccc as Thieves (Fire of Four Suns)

Deepfake sponsors: Foxbox VPN, Julio Tejas, Booba Gettz The Crazy One, Spit Plus, Urite FlyLite . How Was Your Week? . Burrito Bandito Movie Review: Scoob! . Daddy Juice Energy Drink . Triple C Brand is a Slam City umbrella corporation . GMN reviews Popeye’s chicken sandwich . Orbitz drink, Crystal Pepsi . Krystal Peppsee, Daddy Juice Energy Drink spokesmodel . Arthur Doppleganger, Arthur White 96, had the same cable Internet problems . Fortune Teller . What I Had For Lunch . Skins & Bones Campaign 2020 . We ain’t playin’ with this campaign! Let’s make this November a Yesvember! . Questions from the press for FP Jackson, FVP Yelo Panda and FSoS Burrito . This Is The Newz . Scientists genetically modified a mouse to be 4 percent human . Average Slam City employee working from home starts drinking before 5 PM . Woman accused of throwing bottle of bodily fluids through Taco Bell drive-thru window . Reality star charged with spending funds from federal small business program on jewelry, Rolls-Royce . Space Force launches robotic X-37B space plane on new mystery mission . Man busted for necrophilia in public . The world is your oyster . Michael Jordan’s shoes sell for record $560,000 at auction . Korean soccer team apologizes for sex dolls in the stands . Alleged thieves wore watermelons over heads at grocery store . Two Momofuku Restaurants Permanently Closed . DMX Reportedly Accepted Eminem’s ‘Verzuz’ Challenge But Still Wants To Battle Jay-Z . ‘Apple Glass’ Rumored to Start at $499, Support Prescription Lenses, and More . A pizzeria owner made money buying his own $24 pizzas from DoorDash for $16 . Chuck E. Cheese Appears to Change Its Name on Grubhub, Not a Ploy . Harbor Freight Recalls Jack Stands That Could Suddenly Collapse . How the coronavirus exposed U.S. supply chain flaws . Family finds bags of money in the road . 2700 Seconds of Arthur’s Listening Party . White Van Scam – Season 1, Episode 10 . 3 Things That Four Dudes Learned This Week . Fire of Four Suns . Bonus pre-show . Burrito Bandito Beer Review: Cactus Cat Kölsch

Episode 129: Men Overboard

Shower beer bating . Real Ale Devil’s Backbone beer review . Arthur works from home for the first time . Thunderbirds over SH69 and Fort Gettz . What I Had For Lunch . Skins and Bones Campaign 2020: Questions for the Future Secretary of State Burrito . This Is The Newz . Can Farts Transmit COVID-19 Coronavirus? . For 8 years, a hacker operated a massive IoT botnet just to download Anime videos . Brian May taken to hospital after tearing buttock muscles while gardening . Mountain Dew Doritos have arrived in Australia for all you Drywall Kyle’s . 5-year-old boy caught driving to California for a Lamborghini gets ride in dream car . ‘All for Whataburger!’: Woman loses temper in Whataburger drive-thru, scrapes other car . GMN French joke . Man assaults HEB cashier over meat limit purchasing . Viral video sensation ‘double rainbow guy’ dies at 57 . Court says Houston strip club can reopen but without its dancers, clothed or not . Quantimino™ is blockchain-generating artificial intelligence (AI) through quantum computing. . Daddy Longlegs Fossil Keeps Erection for 99 Million Years . Uber driver jumps out of moving car to escape kidnapping . Rare blue dragons are washing up on the Padre Island National Seashore . Little Caesars reopens in Slam City under new ownership with remodeled storefront . Nvidia’s RTX 3080 Ti looks bigger than expected . Is there anything beyond the cloud? . Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 Remake Announced for PS4, Xbox One, PC . 1,600-Year-Old Elongated Skull with Stone-Encrusted Teeth Found in Mexico Ruins . Arthur, the first named storm of the hurricane season . The FBI is struggling to find good hackers because of marijuana rules . White supremacists built a website to doxx interracial couples . 2,700 Seconds of Arthur’s Listening Party . White Van Scam – Season 1, Episode 9 . 3 Things That Four Dudes Learned This Week . Deepfake Sponsors: Foxbox VPN, Julio Tejas, Booba Gettz The Crazy One, Spit Plus

Episode 128: Patients Zero

Key Lime Donuts Disappointment . Justice for Gemini . What I Had For Lunch . This Is The Newz . Cannabis worth €800,000 uncovered at Dublin postal depot . ‘Jeopardy’ Contestant’s Strange Behavior Stuns Alex Trebek . N.J. ramen shop owner relaunched as nonprofit to hire back staff . Michigan pilot gives a literal ‘F U’ to governor over coronavirus lockdown . ‘Murder Hornets’ in the U.S.: The Rush to Stop the Asian Giant Hornet . Gunfire exchanged in DMZ across border between North and South Korea . Barrel filled with 90 pounds of marijuana washes up in Florida . A 5-year-old boy was pulled over in Utah on his way to California to try to buy a Lamborghini . Legendary punk label Dischord Records has entire catalog online for free . A man wore what appeared to be a KKK white hood on a trip to the grocery store . Elon Musk’s newborn might have the strangest name you’ve ever heard . New homeowner finds secret cellar under house, possibly dating back over a hundred years . The meat shortages are here: Costco and Kroger warn of limited supply . Teen girl stashes load of meth inside portable speaker box, CBP says . Supreme embarrassment: The flush heard around the country . An Adult Cam Site Exposed 10.88 Billion Records . 2,700 Seconds of Arthur’s Listening Party . White Van Scam – Season 1, Episode 8 . 3 Things Learned This Week by Four Dudes in a Booth . Deepfake Sponsors: Julio Tejas, Foxbox VPN, Booba Gettz The Crazy One, Spit Plus

Episode 127: The Way of the Booty Hole

The Ecko on Ecko Story . How Was Your Week . Reminiscing the Blockbuster Days . Playstation 2, Tony Hawk, Twisted Metal, Spyro the Dragon . 44 Degree Staple, Jersey Numbers . France Runs Out of Cheese . The Earth is Healing . Mayor Pro Tem, The Boston Cream Pie Story – Dogfish Head beer, a whole pie + Love . What I Had For Lunch: Furry ramen, omurice, pizza, sandwich (no chips) . GofundArt Chip Fund . This is the Newz . Japanese firm holds bizarre funerals for sex dolls with a porn star officiating . Dolly Parton secretly produced Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and fans are freaking out . Krispy Kreme Unveiled 3 Fruit-Flavored Donuts For Spring Including One Stuffed With Lemon Kreme . Is it still a baker’s dozen if you pay for the 13th? . Kanye West Is Now Officially A Billionaire—And He Really Wants The World To Know . The Psychology Behind That Tempting Quarantine Makeover . People Think New York City’s Coronavirus Sex Guide Is Hilarious . Snake removed from inside family’s toilet . A California city filled its skate park with sand to deter skateboarders. Then the dirt bikes showed up. . Oregon man drove to 11 different Wendy’s restaurants twice in 1 day to stock up on free nuggets, report says . Nintendo suffers major hack affecting 160,000 online accounts . Teen found with over 4 pounds of meth under clothes trying to enter the US . Dog gives birth to litter of 21 puppies . Colorado man wins $1M Lottery jackpot twice on same day . Mail fraud suspect named Speedy Gonzalez arrested in Georgia . Howard Stern suggests Trump supporters take disinfectants and drop dead . Mile-long asteroid to make close approach to Earth on April 29, NASA says . Pug in North Carolina tests positive for coronavirus, may be first for dog in U.S. . The Way of the Booty Hole . PepsiCo Makes Another Entry Into Energy Drinks . Tupac Shakur filed for unemployment in Kentucky and governor could hardly believe it . The largest Arctic ozone hole ever recorded is now closed . Anal Fissure Price . Americans spend more on wasted food than gas, clothes, taxes . Machine learning helps scientists distinguish ancient human, dog poop . Foxtrot falls down a vortex . 2,700 Seconds of Arthur’s Listening Party . White Van Scam – Season 1, Episode 7 . 3 Things Learned This Week by Four Dudes in a Booth . Deepfake sponsors: Julio Tejas, Foxbox VPN Booba Gettz The Crazy One, Spit Plus . Bonus pre-show audio at the end of this episode!

Episode 126: Nefarious

Free pre-show triple uranium audio . Automatic staplers . ATHF’s Meatwad . How Was Your Week: Burrito actually went outside. . Intersection of SH 69 . Yelo Panda Moustache Update . Burrito is the Beard Emoji . Riki-O Anime . Internet Relay / Feedback Loop . Covid ballz . GMN 2020: Questions from the press for FP Gemini Jackson, FVP Yelo Panda & FSoS Burrito . TA7: Taqueria Acapulco . What I Had For Lunch . Fiarrhea from Korea . Sopapilla Headquarters . SH 69 Trailer Park food trucks and booths: TA7, Intergalactic Boba, The Crazy One, Fiarrhea, Nomoji Froyo, Tofuin Around, Feet is Feet, Fortune Teller . Four Dudes In A Merch Booth . This Is The Newz . Little Caesars To Give 250,000 Slices Of Pizza To Healthcare Workers & First Responders Across Canada . How to Cut a Pizza . IKEA Releases Recipe for Its Famous Swedish Meatballs . Taco Bell is giving away free tacos again as part of its coronavirus response . Shake Shack Set to Return $10 Million USD from Covid-19 Relief Fund . Man dons 80-pound pack for pull-up world record . Monkey caught on camera flying kite on rooftop . Los Angeles skate park covered in sand to prevent gatherings . Chicago man charged $11,500 for $90 worth of groceries . COVID-19 Is Leaving Its Mark On The Cannabis Industry, Insiders Say . Sex toy sales take off amid Colombia’s coronavirus quarantine . Restaurant finds long-lost wedding ring during lockdown renovations . How to keep your husband happy in lockdown posters condemned . Secret behind dogs’ cold noses revealed by scientists 1:05 . Surfer fought off great white shark by punching it and telling it to ‘f*** off’ . Twitter user opens 25-year-old can of Spider-Man noodles, shocked by what he finds inside . Sony Developing Film Based on ‘One Punch Man’ Manga Series With ‘Venom’ Writers . Construction crew hits underground fiber line, causes outage of ‘call before you dig’ hotline . White Van Scam – Season 1, Episode 6 . Bobby is not short for Robert. Pearl Pittz works at Feet is Feet. J Jelly Jameson is Bossman. . Deepfake Sponsors: Foxbox VPN, Julio Tejas, Booba Gettz – The Crazy One (Edmond debut), Spit Plus

Episode 125: Bossman Gonkilme

World Events . What I Had For Lunch . Manscaping with Hot Wheels Lawnmower . Jet Skis . Out of Yeast . Frito Pies . Stuck . GMN 2020 Questions for the Future President, Vice President, and Secretary of State . This Is The Newz . Dogs could help ‘sniff out’ coronavirus . How to Cover Your Tracks Every Time You Go Online . Man accidentally ejects himself from fighter jet during surprise flight . Amy Schumer changes son’s name after realising it sounded like a body part . Australian man completes 2,806 push-ups in one hour . Wet wipes clog all four pumps at Florida wastewater facility . Unicode announces no new emojis in 2021 due to COVID-19 . Indiana man finds mysterious $8.2 million in bank account . Dr. Fauci endorses Tinder hookups ‘if you’re willing to take a risk’ . Woman fined for taking turtle for a walk in Rome . Banksy Jokes His Wife Is Sick Of Him Working At Home . Canadians bite back at loneliness of isolation by howling at the moon . Adamantium sounding rods . Japanese store puts ‘curses’ on its in-store toilet paper to prevent thefts . Poophole Loophole . (fake) Researchers Delay Coronavirus Vaccine Until They Figure Out How To Make It Cause Autism . 5G Causing Coronavirus BS . Thanks to Sheltering in Place, Animal Shelters Are Empty . 2700 Seconds of Arthur’s Listening Party . White Van Scam – Season 1, Episode 5 . 3 Things That Four Dudes Learned This Week . Slamcity After Party . Deepfake Sponsors: Foxbox VPN, Julio Tejas, Booba Gettz – The Crazy One, Triple C Brand Spit Plus