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Episode 126: Nefarious

Free pre-show triple uranium audio . Automatic staplers . ATHF’s Meatwad . How Was Your Week: Burrito actually went outside. . Intersection of SH 69 . Yelo Panda Moustache Update . Burrito is the Beard Emoji . Riki-O Anime . Internet Relay / Feedback Loop . Covid ballz . GMN 2020: Questions from the press for FP Gemini Jackson, FVP Yelo Panda & FSoS Burrito . TA7: Taqueria Acapulco . What I Had For Lunch . Fiarrhea from Korea . Sopapilla Headquarters . SH 69 Trailer Park food trucks and booths: TA7, Intergalactic Boba, The Crazy One, Fiarrhea, Nomoji Froyo, Tofuin Around, Feet is Feet, Fortune Teller . Four Dudes In A Merch Booth . This Is The Newz . Little Caesars To Give 250,000 Slices Of Pizza To Healthcare Workers & First Responders Across Canada . How to Cut a Pizza . IKEA Releases Recipe for Its Famous Swedish Meatballs . Taco Bell is giving away free tacos again as part of its coronavirus response . Shake Shack Set to Return $10 Million USD from Covid-19 Relief Fund . Man dons 80-pound pack for pull-up world record . Monkey caught on camera flying kite on rooftop . Los Angeles skate park covered in sand to prevent gatherings . Chicago man charged $11,500 for $90 worth of groceries . COVID-19 Is Leaving Its Mark On The Cannabis Industry, Insiders Say . Sex toy sales take off amid Colombia’s coronavirus quarantine . Restaurant finds long-lost wedding ring during lockdown renovations . How to keep your husband happy in lockdown posters condemned . Secret behind dogs’ cold noses revealed by scientists 1:05 . Surfer fought off great white shark by punching it and telling it to ‘f*** off’ . Twitter user opens 25-year-old can of Spider-Man noodles, shocked by what he finds inside . Sony Developing Film Based on ‘One Punch Man’ Manga Series With ‘Venom’ Writers . Construction crew hits underground fiber line, causes outage of ‘call before you dig’ hotline . White Van Scam – Season 1, Episode 6 . Bobby is not short for Robert. Pearl Pittz works at Feet is Feet. J Jelly Jameson is Bossman. . Deepfake Sponsors: Foxbox VPN, Julio Tejas, Booba Gettz – The Crazy One (Edmond debut), Spit Plus