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Episode 119: No Regerts ever.

Burrito Candy, a podcast within a podcast 🌯🍬 . Win a gently used Panera Bread gift card . What I Had For Lunch . Reacharounds are now known as La Madeleines . GMN 2020 Questions for the Future President and Future Vice President . Deepfake Sponsor: Julio Tejas . Foxbox PSA . This Is The News . Hospital Worker Arrested for Sucking Sleeping Patient’s Toes . Drunk Guy in UK orders too much Domino’s . Woman attacked in Maryland with syringe that contained semen . Drug Appreciation Recognition Energy . An Oklahoma college recruiter out of a job after he asked high schoolers to line up by skin color and hair texture . Apple might owe you $25 if you owned one of these iPhones . Butt dollars . DMT to open up your mind hole and get Joe Rogan rich . Honeywell says it will soon launch the world’s most powerful quantum computer . Anker shout-out from GMN and Foxtrot (but not Arthur) . Woman chucks hatchet through car window as it drives away from gas station . GMN Fortune Teller returns . William Shatner gets horse semen in divorce settlement . Woman waters ‘perfect plant’ for 2 years before realizing it’s fake . Deepfake Sponsor: Foxbox VPN . Deepfake Sponsor: Spit Plus . 2700 Seconds of Arthur’s Listening Party . Criticism of TSA at Slam City Intergalactic Airport . 3 Things that Foxtrot Learned