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Episode 118: Skins and Bones Campaign

Special Guests: Burrito Candy 🌯🍬 . Show Me Your Feet Guy . COVID-19 quarantined GMN, Foxtrot and Arthur . GMN 2020 Questions for the Future VICE President Yelo Panda . We Ain’t Playin’ With This Campaign . Foxtrot VPN . Reverse Osmosis . More questions for FVP Yelo Panda . Julio Tejas . Foxbox PSA Spank Bank Preservation Life Pro Tips . Super Tuesday Pods . This Is The News . Man sentenced to 18 months in jail for stealing 57 pairs of underwear from St. Edward’s students . $750K-worth of cocaine found stuffed in karaoke machine in Fayette County . Volcano on Foxtrot’s Face . “McGruff the Crime Dog” actor gets 16 years in prison – Man who played the crime-fighting cartoon figure McGruff, was sentenced for a 2011 arrest in which police seized 1,000 marijuana plants, 27 weapons and 9,000 rounds of ammunition from his Texas home . Marijuana use is rising sharply among seniors over 65, study says, and there are serious risks . Miami teacher Solves 13-letter Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle With Only 4 Letters . Nintendo Cracked Open Its Secret Game Boy Stash to Help a 95-Year-Old Fan . Actor Steven Seagal settles SEC case over not disclosing payments for touting cryptocurrency . A California couple was heartbroken to say goodbye to their beloved dog, Marley. So they cloned him . South By Southwest going ahead as planned amid global coronavirus outbreak . This Guy Asked For Extra Cream Cheese On His McDonald’s Bagel And Got An Insanely Thick Layer . Regina Veracruz . 2700 Seconds with Arthur Listening Party brought to you by Urite FlyLite . GMN Clicks Anything . Booba Gettz movie . Moldy Whopper . Marvel movie recommendations . Vheissu