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Episode 117: We Got Schedules-N-Sht AKA Booba Gettz Intergalactic Boba Runner – Order The Crazy One… NO SUBSTITUTIONS!!1

Special Guests: Burrito Candy – Miguelito Burrito and Candy Cane . Spread Eagle . GMN 2020 Questions for the Future President, Chicken Wing Party . Oscar Best Film Parasite . What I Had For Lunch . Foxtrot PSA sponsored by Foxbox VPN . This Is The News . Luxury deodorant . First-grade teacher arrested for trying to buy meth while at school . Tapioca Black Pearl Market . Booba Gettz – Intergalactic Boba Runner . Japanese otaku finds way to get the smell of a high school girl in his car passenger seat . Man finds venomous snake in helmet after 7-mile ride . Virginia dog brings home orphaned bear cub . Man accused of drinking beer while watching pr0n at library . Elementary teaching assistant accused of sharing and doing drugs with 2 teens . 2700 Seconds Listening Party sponsored by Urite FlyLite