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Episode 116: Recreational Sounding AKA C’est La V for Vendetta

Special Guests: Candy Cane and Miguelito Burrito . Reptilians vs Mole People . What I Had For Lunch: First Watch, Peter Piper Pizza, Lemon Chicken Piccata, Asian Market Noodles . Foxtrot PSA sponsored by Foxbox VPN . GMN 2020 Chicken Skins and Chicken Bones for the Chicken Wing Party Platform: Questions for the Future President Gemini Jackson . Doo Doo Dust and Poo Poo Pies . 2700 Seconds Listening Party sponsored by Julio Tejas . Vivica vs 50 Cent Ass-eating . This Is The News sponsored by Urite FlyLite . Gray Death . Gypsy King Easy Stroke . Six Ancient Plants From 2,000-Year-Old Seeds Have Been Grown by Scientists . Chinese Doctor Who Blew Whistle On Coronavirus Dead At 34 . Massachusetts serial pooper busted for defecating in parking lot eight times . Woman had more than 100 dead cats in a freezer at her home . A Peek Inside Our War Chest . Blo-N-Go Hair Dryers