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Episode 115: Off The Top

Special Guest: Miguelito Burrito . The History of Screwdrivers . What I Had For Lunch . Geoduck ASMR Fails . Try Not To Pop A Boner Challenge . Burger Talk . This Is The News sponsored by Julio Tejas . Edscottite: Mineral ‘Never Seen in Nature’ Discovered inside Meteorite . Woman tries to pay property taxes with nickels . Ugly tattoo of wife snoring . Whitening cream gives woman mercury poisoning . Children ingesting rare-earth magnets . Instagram Model Sells Nude Photos To Raise Money For Australia Fire Relief . GMN 2020 Questions for the Future President . Wearable garden vest is nourished by wearer’s own urine . Austin ranks among cities with highest STD rates in U.S. . Youngest Mayor in America Inaugurated at 7 Months Old While Wearing a Tuxedo in Texas . Mighty Ducks star arrested while high on meth . Japanese billionaire seeks girlfriend for Moon voyage on SpaceX rocket . Tyson Fury masturbating seven times a day to keep testosterone pumping . Coronavirus and Butt Dollars . Man killed by blade-wielding rooster during illegal cockfight . Triple C Latina Ham . Listening Party sponsored by Blo-N-Go Hairdryers . RIP Kobe