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Episode 113: From The Outside Looking In

Listening Party. Subversion by Softboy International. Heart of Hearts: The Fappening. GMN 2020 Questions for the Future President. GMN Clicks Anything: Geoduck ASMR and a list of fetishes you have never heard of. Plug In & Hate: Two Phones Guy and Never At Work Guy Wins $500 Gift Card. Golden Corral has Chocolate Steak. Foxtrot and the Fist of Adonis. Game Farts. This is the News. Influencer jailed for plot to steal domain name at gunpoint. After dancer strips at Seattle conference on homelessness, agency director suspended. FBI breaks up 2 illegal streaming sites. Self-Driving Mercedes Will Be Programmed To Sacrifice Pedestrians To Save The Driver. She ran a multi-million dollar operation bringing women to the US so their children would get citizenship. The 2021 Cadillac Escalade has a massive 38-inch curved OLED display. Sex robots that recognise humans using ‘3D AI vision’ built in US factory. Florida man goes to great lengths to swipe a Pepsi. Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” still brings in millions of dollars. Animal rescuers trap cowboy pigeon in Las Vegas. Waitress at New Jersey IHOP gets $1,200 tip. Urite Flyrite. What I Had For Lunch. Softboy International. Blo N Go hairdryers.