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Episode 111: Butt Dollars

Listening Party. Heart of Hearts: J Lo Insured Butt. Foxbox VPN. Foxtrot PSA: Use your imagination. GMN 2020: Mushroom Stamp Conspiracy. Hail to Gemini the Clairvoyant. GMN Clicks Anything. Deep Web Chatter presents Game Farts. GMN notes: TLC quote, DMX impression, NASA Moon Landing. Foxtrot notes: Snickers Vein, Smell A Fart, The Art of Fighting Without Fighting. This Is The News: TrueDialog Data Breach, Escobar Folding Phone. GMN PSA: Get the Flu Shot, Wash Your Hands, Avoid handling Butt Dollars. Foxtrot Invents The News: Quantum Future. Hentai Games. Police officer fondling dead, More news: Starbucks manager fired over Pig cop cup. Baby bouncer box purchased at Goodwill contained semi-automatic rifle. Once-a-month birth control pill. Dentist pulled teeth while on hover board. Cannonball Run record timing. Banana duct taped to wall sold for $120K. Urite. What I Had For Lunch. Blo N Go. U2 Bread. Freestyle.