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Episode 110: Backsack Freestyle AKA 40 Ounces of Fk Around Time

Brown Eye Patches, Julio Tejas, Listening Party, Game Farts, Heart of Hearts Posh Spice bilbo, Foxbox VPN, Foxtrot PSA, GMN 2020 Questions for the Future President, GMN Clicks Anything, This Is The News: Woman steals pants. Black market bologna . Singularity app. Ryan Reynolds owns Mint Mobile. Foxtrot Invents The News: $1.4M character accidentally sold by friend. $1000 Burrito. Papa John wet and upset. Softboy Reveal. UPS sting. Assassination Market Prices. What I Had For Lunch. Game Farts Notes: Foxtrot: keister, laser sound pew pew, a Power Ranger. Gemini: 2pac lyric, a TMNT, Spidey Sense.